(Charles Spencer's review appeared in the Telegraph, July, 23.)

Enron, at Minerva Theatre in Chichester – review

Lucy Prebble's Enron already looks like the play that all the others will have to beat at this year’s theatre awards. Rating: * * * * *

Money, Philip Larkin concluded in one of his most haunting poems “is intensely sad”. In Lucy Prebble’s fantastic firecracker of a new play, brilliantly directed by Rupert Goold, money also proves exciting, sexy, merciless and ultimately tragic.

Prebble tells the story of the Enron, the energy corporation that was named America’s most innovative company six years in succession by Fortune magazine, but which went spectacularly belly-up in 2001, sending waves of shock through the financial world. But Enron’s collapse, originally viewed as a grotesque one-off, now seems a harbinger of the more recent turmoil in our financial institutions, the full devastating impact of which is likely to blight many millions of lives for years and even decades to come.




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