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Jewtopia by Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson

Gentile or Jew, you will love Jewtopia. Fogel and Wolfson’s ridiculously funny piece immerses us in the world of Jewish tradition with immaculate comic timing. Chris O'Connell, a Gentile, and Adam Lipschitz, a Jew, combine forces in order to achieve what every single man of thirty dreams of: marriage to a gorgeous, rich Jewish girl. Chaos ensues.

This play has an abundance of comic energy. I know little of the Jewish tradition – in fact a lot of the jokes escape me – but still I can appreciate the humor and sympathize with the struggle of the leading characters as they try to fit in.

Everyday at the Drama Book shop we get asked for recommendations for good contemporary comedic scenes. Well, Jewtopia is full of scenes in every shape and size, hot and fresh.

Cast: 3M, 3W

Scenes/Monologues: Jewtopia is a goldmine for two person scenes for two male actors. Also, Act Two includes a family scene, which I hope none can relate to but will leave all with laughter-induced pain in their sides and a hunger to cast and perform it.

Recommended by: Muiris


by Fogel, Bryan, Wolfson, Sam
Format:  Trade Paperback
Price:  $9.95
Published: Samuel French Trade, 2009 

 Drama / 2m

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