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Theatre Review:

Brothers In Blood

Director: Greg Homann

Playwright: Mike van Graan

Cast: Dale Abrahams, Kim Cloete, David Dennis, Karabo Kgokong, Murray Todd

Venue: Barney Simon at the Market

Until: July 12

Rating: ****

"You people!" It's a phrase that rules the hearts and minds of people whenever they view human beings as other.

To many, it's threatening when people don't look or act like they do, pray to a different god and adhere to another set of social structures.

All these play into the fear of those who are only comfortable with the familiar.

Fearing, rather than embracing differences between people, has dominated the South African psyche and led to a system that oppressed many and favoured few. And still we determinedly dwell negatively on things that keep us apart rather than those that bind. We should be celebrating the differences – it's what makes us unique.

Always the activist, Van Graan taps into something that transcends race, gender and age.

We all do it in some fashion and yet, when you explore the headlines closely, the human stories are very similar: people looking out for their families, the ones they love, the ones they want to protect.

And when anyone close to them has been harmed, it becomes more obsessive, often to the point where they lose sight of the needs of those they're confronting.

It's neatly packaged, as Van Graan's wont to do, but here he has counteracted with the Crash/Robert Altman formula, bringing together a group of people who are unrelated yet their lives almost run into and through one another in an explosive fashion.

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