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Headlines: Hare and Daldry's Acclaimed Berlin/Wall to Play Public Theater

The Public Theater will present David Hare’s Berlin/Wall for a limited run of four days, beginning May 14 and running through 17. The one-man show of contrasting monologues, starring Hare, is directed by Academy Award nominee and Billy Elliot helmer Stephen Daldry.

In Berlin/Wall, Hare visits the place where the infamous wall has come down, presenting a meditation about Germany’s restored capitol and what it represents in European history as well as his own life. The actor then “travels” to Israel, where the Israeli/Palestine security fence will one day stretch the 489 mile border of the country. Four times as long as its Berlin counterpart, the wall inspires Hare to explore the philosophy of its building and personal accounts of those who live on either side. Berlin premiered at London’s National Theatre in February 2009, followed shortly thereafter by Wall, which debuted at The Royal Court Theatre in March 2009.

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(David Hare’s work is represented in Duo!:  The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century due out from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books in August.)

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