The following interview with Peter Hall appeared in the London Times, April 4, 2009:

Peter Hall – my memories of Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett

Nudging 80, he's full of memories of his theatrical past, but the great director's love of work – and family – is undimmed 

Ginny Dougary 

Almost two decades have passed since Peter Hall and I last met. The baby that his fourth wife, Nicky Frei, was expecting then is now a 17-year-old bright spark, Emma, who thrills her father with her scholarship and enthusiasm for theatre, and occasionally appalls him with her use of language. Emma Hall's accolade of “awesome” for a performance of Hamlet by a scion of another notable dynasty, Will Attenborough, made her father blanch. “I said, ‘Don't use that word. I hate ahhhh-soom,'” he drawls, like a septuagenarian valley-girl . . .

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