The following interview appeared in the Village Voice, March 24, 2009:

Playwright Christopher Durang Braves a Voice Inquisition

By James Hannaham

"I come from an alcoholic family," says playwright Christopher Durang. He mentions this casually, throwing it away like a common expression, as if his parents emigrated from Alcoholia and he grew up speaking Alcoholish at home. As if the darkly funny image it conjures—the Cleavers stumbling around a kitchen shit-faced, perhaps—were normal . . .,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,141/id,961


Christopher Durang's work can be found in One on One:  The Best Women's Monologues for the 21st Century and Duo!: The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century (Aug, '09)–both from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.  

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