Winner of the August, the most prestigious Swedish literary award, The Ingmar Bergman Archives by Paul Duncan and Bengt Wanselius (Taschen, 2008) includes the following introduction by Erland Josephson. Writer, playwright, actor, and director, Josephson worked with Ingmar Bergman for seventy years. He took over the management of the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm in 1966, heading the theater for nine years. He also has collaborated with a number of internationally renowned film directors including Andrei Tarkovsky, Theo Angelopoulos, and Liliana Cavani, among others.  On stage, he participated in Peter Brook's The Cherry Orchard, first at BAM in Brooklyn before joining the world tour of the play.



“The boy's name was Ingmar. The promising young man's name was Ingmar Bergman. Later it became just Bergman. Bergman's name is Bergman. No one is Bergman as much as Bergman. Bergman wants to hide. Bergman wants to be noticed. Bergman gives interviews, and says he stopped giving interviews a long time ago. Now and then he resides in his own fame; there are, after all, a certain amount of perks in this. Bergman does not care about his potential immortality; the cemeteries are full of indispensable people. Eternity bites the tail of eternity. Time passes. Bergman is never bored. His playful genius makes the world go around . . . “ (read more)



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On September 20, 2008 Taschen Verlag together with Swedish publishing house Max Ström released The Ingmar Bergman Archives, probably the most extensive book project on Bergman artistry so far, and one of the most profound on one single filmmaker ever. Earlier, Stanley Kubrick has been honoured an edition of the same measure, 41,1 x 30 cm, but Bergman's book includes almost 600 pages and gives a unique glimpse into The Ingmar Bergman Foundation Archives.


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