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All actors must be character actors, of course not in the sense of outer, but of inner characteristics.  But even outwardly it is best for the actor to leave himself at times.  This does not mean of course that he must lose his individuality and his personality; it means that in each role he must find his individuality and his personality, but nevertheless be different in every role. (MLIA)


The greatest obstacle in the artistic development of an actor is hurry, the forcing of his immature powers, the eternal desire to play leading parts and tragic heroes.  To give heavy work to weak emotions is the same thing as to sing Wagnerian roles with an immature voice.  No, it is even worse.  (MLIA)



In order to make the effect true, one must do things to [the voice] . . .  that in real life are not true.  The same applies to make-up.  One must paint, and pencil the brows to make an effect in the auditorium.  But when you take a close look at a man in make-up, especially in the daylight, the effect is one of a mask.  [MLIA]