(Premiered Jul 8, 2024; Illustration: The Atlantic)

Anna Deavere Smith


Award-winning actress, playwright, and professor Anna Deavere Smith explores performance as a way of knowing in this four-part series. Since 1980, Smith has been interviewing Americans through her project “On the Road: A Search for American Character,” which she developed into a new form of theater. Delivered with segments of performance, these lectures examine this material collected over the course of Smith’s career: https://www.nga.gov/research/casva/me… Lecture 1 of 4: “On the Road: A Search for American Character”    • On the Road: A Search for American Ch…   Lecture 2 of 4:

“This Ghost of Slavery: A Solo Reading” Smith conducts a solo reading from her newest play “This Ghost of Slavery,” published in The Atlantic (December 2023).    • This Ghost of Slavery: A Solo Reading   Lecture 3 of 4: “Let Me Down Easy: On the Vulnerability of Our Bodies / The Resilience of Our Spirits” Featuring photographs by Diana Walker.    • Let Me Down Easy: On the Vulnerabilit…   Lecture 4 of 4: “Me: Shot Out of a Moving Canon—Black, Female, and the 1970s”    • Me: Shot Out of a Moving Canon—Black,…   The A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts is the longest-running lecture series at the National Gallery of Art. Past lecturers have included art historians, artists, poets, and musicologists: https://www.nga.gov/research/casva/me… Still haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channels? National Gallery of Art ►►   / nationalgalleryofartus   National Gallery of Art Talks ►►   / nationalgalleryofarttalks  

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