On 7/2/2024, director Frank Farrell and playwright Bob Shuman went for a 1:00pm meeting with Dream Up Festival director, Michael Scott-Price, at Theater for the New City (TNC) to have a walk-through of the space (with other groups who will also present shows).  The stage where their project, Tongs and Bones Shakespeare, will be playing, for approximately five performances (between 8/26 and 9/15), is the Community Theater, a mid-sized space within the TNC complex–of the dimensions they had been hoping for.  You can see it below, as it is,  before they attempt to create an uninhabited (by human life) island for “From a Cloven Pine,” a prequel to The Tempest; the forest of Arden in “The Coxcomb’s Wedding,” inspired by As You Like It; and a fairy bower for “The Wanton Wind,” based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The first idea that came to mind for the creators was, “Can we get another ladder? 
Jotting down notes on pre-sale discount codes, press releases, and lighting (with Michael and Clara, their tech contact), they were then taken to a downstairs storage area for sets, props, and costumes, to meet  Susan Hemley, the volunteer, veteran  mistress of the above.  When Bob mentioned a gorilla mask, she did not bat an eyelash. The team is to gather on “pull days,” for which they will receive notification, to tape index cards to the properties they would like to use for their project, and even arrange shares with those who would like the same items (apparently blocks and cubes are highly prized). How amazing to see the imagined become tangible.  Like Christmas in July.


Follow the progress of the staging of Tongs and Bones Shakespeare weekly on Stage Voices.


Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director

155 First Avenue
(between 9th and 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003


Stage Voices Web site (www.stagevoices.com) will be following the course of the production with information and rehearsal updates.  To bring this ambitious project to life, we are seeking the generous support of our community.  To start, we are beginning a GoFundMe campaign: Please consider donating, as the cast, in keeping with those in Shakespeare’s plays, is rather large—there are, of course, costume and rehearsal space costs, as well; a long list of expenditures.  Your contributions, no matter the size, will play a vital role in ensuring the success of this production—and we give many thanks for your help.

Please use the following GoFundMe link for the crowdsourcing platform to donate.  

(c) 2024 by Bob Shuman. 

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