New York’s vibrant downtown theater scene ignites once more, under the direction of Crystal Field, with the Dream Up Festival, a haven for groundbreaking works taking center stage at Theater for the New City (TNC) this August (25th-September 15th). Think a kaleidoscope of daring plays, dance that defies gravity, and solo performances that burrow into the soul. Forget traditional drawing-room comedies – Dream Up, with its motto “Invent, Concoct,” embraces art, the artist, and your imagination.

The best part? You can become part of it. Playwrights and performers have until May 28th to submit their best, most innovative creations – world premieres, genre-bending pieces, anything that pushes boundaries and ignites the spirit.  Visit: (

Curated by the visionary Michael Scott-Price, the festival promises a potent brew of global voices and artistic insurgency. Imagine evenings where expectations are shattered, realities reimagined, and the very definition of art is playfully reconsidered, if not challenged.

Tickets are reasonable at $15-$20, making this a feast for the senses without breaking the bank.

TNC maintains a distinctive commitment to high artistic values and community service—as it always has. In an effort to make theater accessible to all, TNC also presents an assortment of distinct, exceptional events throughout the year, including the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, which celebrates the artistic and cultural diversity of TNC’s Lower East Side community; an annual Village Halloween Ball and an annual summer Street Theater tour that presents a free, live, original musical in thirteen neighborhoods in all five boroughs. Most of these are free of charge to the public.  

TNC is located at 155 First Ave., at East 10th Street.

Wondering what to do this summer?


–via Jonathan Slaff; written with Gemini

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