Released On: 03 Mar 2024

Available for 27 days


Spanish Golden Age comedy starring Olivia Poulet and Joe Thomas. Lope de Vega, a contemporary of Shakespeare, was one of Spain’s greatest writers and the author of something like 1800 plays. Of the several hundred remaining works, Dog in the Manger, written in 1618, is regarded as his masterpiece. It is a tale of Love, Envy, Class and downright nonsense: a scandalous comedy in a new version for radio by David Johnston.

CAST Diana – Olivia Poulet Teodoro – Joe Thomas Tristan – Sion Pritchard Marcela – Aimee-Ffion Edwards Ricardo – Francois Pandolfo Federico – Danny Ashok Fabio – Alex Devrient Anarda – Valerie Vansovica Octavio – Hugh Thomas Ludovico – Simon Armstrong Camilo – Dino Kelly Peter – Curtis Kemlo Translated and adapted by David Johnston Sound: Catherine Robinson Director: John Norton A BBC Audio Wales production.

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