Welcome to the future–#FutureStages. Above creator/guru, Brendan A. Bradley.  Watch his introductory video below.

On 10/30, he spoke to Bob Ost, executive director of Theater Resources Unlimitedabout free, cutting-edge tools to help navigate creatively during the pandemic and beyond, at Tru’s Friday community gathering. Visit truonline.org .

From Bob: Think Outside the (Black) Box: New Virtual Platforms. Integrate emerging technologies in live performance, supporting the next generation of multi-disciplinary storytellers. Learn about streaming tools for live performance, including building a customizable virtual theater.

I can’t go on.  I will go on. 

Grab all the assets from brendanAbradley.com/futurestages and follow along! CLICK FOR SHORTCUTS TO TOPICS: — 00:00 – Pre-roll chat 00:29 – Overview of The Future Stages 02:47 – Using OBS to Livestream 03:38 – Overview of Mozilla HUBS Scenes 04:13 – Virtual Walkthrough of Theater (Sample Set Up) 04:32 – Explanation of the Lobby View 05:42 – Controls to navigate Mozilla Hubs 07:22 – Interactive features of Mozilla Hubs 10:07 – STEP ONE: Go to brendanAbradley.com/futurestages 10:51 – STEP TWO: Click to Remix the template in Mozilla SPOKE 12:40 – Don’t worry about the error message for Vimeo 14:12 – STEP THREE: Double Click on Top Right Assets to Add Your URLs 15:31 – STEP FOUR: Replace Video Backdrop with your Livestream Link (Twitch, YouTube, etc) 16:46 – STEP FIVE: Create Your Own Show Art 21:26 – STEP SIX: Replace Show Art with Links to your Show Art 23:29 – STEP SEVEN: Double Click on Lobby View 23:37 – STEP EIGHT: Publish your Customized Theater 26:51 – STEP NINE: Create a Room for each Performance 27:38 – STEP TEN: Double Check it is set up the way you like 28:03 – STEP ELEVEN: Use OBS to broadcast live on stage 29:45 – READY TO PERFORM! 30:00 – PAUSE HERE TO HAVE A SENSE OF WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE (Disrupted by my live-streaming the tutorial) 31:12 – Wrap up and answer questions

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