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Week of 9/14-9/20
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EDT)
StylePointe Retrospective, A Virtual Tribute
A Special Event
Dixon Place pays tribute to the extraordinary collaborative work of gifted dancemakers and designers who have brought so much beauty, innovation and glamour to the StylePointe runway.
Friday, September 18, 2020 at 7:30 PM (EDT)
Black Artists’ Matter Vol. III
Live on Zoom!
Curated and Hosted by
Arif Silverman
Black Artists’ Matter is a variety night celebrating the work of Black Artists from across the country. Come and experience an eclectic and electric evening of music, theater, comedy, and more. Donations will be split between the artists and The Okra Project, a NYC-based collective that hires Black Trans chefs to provide free, home-cooked meals to members of the Black Trans community. View more information by clicking the button below.
October sneak peek…
The Raising Cain Campaign
The annual Dixon Place Gala can’t happen, so we’re planning a month of celebratory, canny, interactive, virtual, and outdoor fun-raising events to take your mind off despair and help us mitigate ours! A scavenger hunt, a cooking show, pandemic sex stories, puppetry in the park, a talent show, a wacky raffle, parking lot dancers, Ellie’s bizarre birthday event & more?! Whether you’re partisan, bipartisan or nonpartisan — there’s something for everyone! Hang in there fellow travelers, conspirators, advocates, believers, and benefactors… we’re comin for ya! Stay tuned…
From The Arctic Circle and Superhero Clubhouse
Lower East Side Coastal Community Fellowship
Apply before September 20, 2020
The LES Coastal Community Fellowship is a paid creative residency for a group of neighbors and stakeholders in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to reflect on the years since Hurricane Sandy, build upon existing community resilience to climate impacts, and envision a thriving future for the neighborhood through artistic activities. View more information on this opportunity by clicking the button below.
Dixon Place | 161A Chrystie Streetbtwn. Delancey & RivingtonNew York, N

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