Beloved Artists!

I know we’re all settling into our new lives inside and we here at Dixon Place are leaning into our new lives online.

We have an Online Event Page that lists events. We have a couple of COVID-themed offerings in the works. Here’s what we’re looking for:


Ashley is hosting a Contagion Cabaret. The first line-up is going to be on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM. We’ll all meet in a zoom room and respond to this contagion in the only way a NYC-based performance artist can. Prepare a two to five-minute piece in response to COVID-19 and let Ashley know that you’re in! Maybe we’ll do it every week. We don’t know! 


We want very much to provide artist fees for online performances, but it’s very challenging due to our loss of earned income. We are currently applying for grants so we can get folks some cash!! Thanks so much for continuing to be creative during this very bizarre time! Hope to hear from you soon.

Fill out this form if you would like to submit your work and upload your video via this link (please name your video file as FULL NAME – SERIES (CONTAGION or MASK4MASK).

See you in Cyberspace!



Calling all artists of Asian-descent!

We want to support our Asian communities in NYC. Increasing hate crimes against Asian/Asian Americans have been reported both in NYC and across the globe. We’d like to see how artists of Asian descent are responding to this pandemic during this difficult time. By curating this short series, we want to spread positive messages to combat racism and xenophobia caused by COVID-19. 

Since wearing a mask has become a symbol of social stigma and contagion, we are looking for 1-5 minute videos submission of any genre – comedy, movement, installation, interactive, collage, puppetry, VR, social media posts – you name it. The only requirement is a ‘mask’ must be involved in some way in your work. 

Again, please fill out the form via the button below and upload your video via this link (please name your video file as FULL NAME – SERIES (CONTAGION or MASK4MASK).



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