A fresh look at Wilde’s masterpiece of secrets, lies andb betrayal. His subtitle: ‘A play about a good woman’. 

Produced by award-winning Jarvis & Ayres Productions. Martin Jarvis directs a star cast: Mira Sorvino, Susannah Fielding, Jonathan Cake, James Callis, Ian Ogilvy, Rosalind Ayres, Peter Woodward. Social outsider Mrs Erlynne and respectable Lord Windermere share a secret. Are they having an affair? Confronted by young wife Margaret, her husband denies it. Unconvinced, she decides to leave him. A roller-coaster examination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Deceit. Infidelity. Love. The tell-tale fan becomes a vital clue as the truth finally becomes clear. But who actually is the ‘good’ woman? 

Masterly thriller – its timelessness reflected in specially composed music. Drawing-room-comedy turned on its head in Wilde’s amazingly up-to-date study of hypocrisy.


Mrs Erlynne ….. Mira Sorvino
Lady Windermere ….. Susannah Fielding
Lord Windermere ….. James Callis 
Lord Darlington ….. Jonathan Cake 
Duchess of Berwick ….. Rosalind Ayres
Lord Lorton ….. Ian Ogilvy 
Mr Dumby ….. Peter Woodward
Cecil Graham …… Matthew Wolf 
Mr Hopper ….. Darren Keefe 
Parker ….. Darren Richardson
Agatha/Lady Stutfield ….. Elizabeth Knowelden 
Lady Plymdale/Rosalie ….. Edita Brychta
Lady Jedburgh ….. Jean Gilpin

Sound Design: Mark Holden
Specially composed music: A-Mnemonic 
Director: Martin Jarvis 
A Jarvis & Ayres Production.

Photo: BBC Radio 3

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