(from the Guardian, 10/27; by Antonia Fraser and Harold Pinter.)  

I did something I’ve never done before. I scribbled some notes on a page from one of Harold’s yellow legal pads because I was waiting for a taxi to go to Mass, and too lazy to go upstairs.

I took all the leftover pads when Harold died on Christmas Eve 2008, and for sentimental reasons kept them. Although up till now, I have never written anything on any of them. But about a month ago, I installed one in a writing case in the drawing room in theory for occasional use, but really out of tenderness for the past.

When I had written the note, I stripped off the yellow page. Then I nearly fainted. Beneath lay Harold’s unforgettable handwriting – although rather frail – and a title: “The Pres and the Officer”.

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Photo: Designmynight.com

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