(Kae Terao’s article appeared in the Asahi Shimbun, 9/28; via Pam Green.)

OSAKA–Koji Wada, an 87-year-old bartender, places the Bard on the top shelf.

Wada is reputed to be the longest-serving bartender in the Kita-Shinchi entertainment district of this western metropolis. But his main claim to fame is his love of William Shakespeare.

Such is Wada’s deep reverence for the Bard of Avon that he has concocted more than 250 original cocktails inspired by characters in the playwright’s works.

Wada underwent stomach cancer surgery and other treatment earlier this year, and spent about six weeks in hospital. In the summer, after he was discharged, Wada came up with his perhaps most dazzling creation yet: “The William Shakespeare.”

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Photo: Asahi.com


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