(Hedy Weiss’s article appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, 9/18.)

Do not let the obviously hip, conventionally vulgar title of Aaron Posner’s play dissuade you from seeing “Life Sucks,” now receiving its Midwest premiere in a glorious Lookingglass Theatre production impeccably directed by Andrew White, who has gathered a cast of seven exceptional actors.

As it turns out, Posner’s latest contemporary riff on the work of Anton Chekhov, the groundbreaking early 20th century Russian dramatist, is altogether wise, profoundly humane, hilarious, quirky, endearing and, in countless clever ways, brilliantly faithful to its source: “Uncle Vanya.” In addition, as was the case in “Stupid F—ing Bird” — his previous Chekhovian “update,” inspired by “The Seagull” —  Posner has managed to find his own voice in the process, bringing a playful, far from cynical, fourth-wall-piercing originality to the story of a group of yearning, frustrated, heartbroken, questioning and in many ways privileged souls who are, in their varied and deeply flawed ways, trying to cope with all the essential conundrums of existence.


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