(Graham’s play appeared in the Guardian, 7/18.)

In a new play written for the Guardian, the award-winning writer of political smashes This House and The Vote goes inside the Brexit bunker as its sweaty-palmed task force prepare to trigger Article 50

Dramatis Personae

Minister for Brexit Male, 40s, Tory MP

Permanent Secretary Female, 50s, from the Cabinet Office

Dale Special adviser, 30s

Erica Special adviser, 30s

Whitehall, London, 2016. Night time.

The offices of the hastily established Ministry for Brexit. A large map of Europe on the back wall. A screen showing global market activity.

The newly appointed Minister for Brexit is greeting his team of young-ish Spads, Erica and Dale, alongside the department’s new Permanent Secretary.

Minister (looking around) Christ, why are we in this mess?

Dale It’s what people voted for.


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