(Joann Kaufman’s article appeared in The New York Times, 6/17; via Pam Green.)

What I Love

John Leguizamo has, in his own words, “a great therapist,” and a while back this estimable health care professional offered his intense patient some very solid advice: Get a hobby.

“Acting was my everything,” said Mr. Leguizamo, 51, who is a new addition to the cast of the Netflix series “Bloodline.” (Season two was released late last month.) He also stars with Bryan Cranston in the feature film “The Infiltrator,” to be released July 13. “But I need distractions, because show business is stressful, man. There’s a lot of stress and pressures and criticism.”

Eight years ago, Mr. Leguizamo came up with a surefire distraction: He would sell his brownstone on the Lower East Side and buy another one in the West Village. Then, with the wavering support of his wife, Justine, 47, who he said favors apartments with doormen, he would fix it up. Eventually, this led to an idea for yet another distraction: He would become the faithful caretaker of the 150-year-old (or thereabouts) wisteria with Medusa-like tendrils in the backyard.


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