(Chloe-Anna McConville’s article appeared in The Boar, 1/24: via Aaron.)

Chloe-Ana McConville interviewed Carrie Cracknell about her and Lucy Guerin’s adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s classics. Featuring John Heffernan as Macbeth and Anna Maxwell Martin it is coming to The Birmingham Repertory Theatre on the 26th January.

After already working together and demonstrating your creativity in Medea what made you both want to tackle Macbeth?

We’ve been working together on and off for about four years, developing material, choreographing material. I directed Medea and Lucy was the choreographer on that. Then we decided to develop the relationship further into a co-directing relationship because we were interested in trying to find a crossover between two ways of working and to create a project which had an equal weighting between text and movement. As co-directors we really wanted to try and interrogate each others ways of working and a create a piece of material which had both languages within it.


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