(Joanne Kaufman’s article appeared in the New York Times, 2/4; via Pam Green.)

At the start of rehearsals for the Broadway revival of “Fiddler on the Roof” last fall, it quickly became clear that the three actresses playing Tevye’s eldest daughters were inseparable. Observing them huddled together in a corner in their black rehearsal clothes, the musical’s director, Bartlett Sher, labeled them “the coven.”

Members of the crew started a pool “to see how long it would be before we hated each other,” Samantha Massell, who plays Hodel, said during a pre-theater dinner recently with Alexandra Silber and Melanie Moore, the other members of the coven. “They were like, ‘I’ll give it two weeks before they kill each other.’”

“They were like ‘They’re too close,’” said Ms. Moore, who plays Chava. “‘They love each other too much. At some point, it will be volatile.’”


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