(Mark Lawson’s article appeared in the Guardian, 1/11.)

On 13 April, the National Theatre of Great Britain will have plays by women on three stages on the same night: Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry in the Olivier, Suhayla El-Bushra’s The Suicide in the Lyttelton and Annie Baker’s The Flick in the Dorfman. On 22 April, the phenomenon happens again, although with Sarah Kane’s Cleansed in the Dorfman.

Such a repertoire is not quite historically unprecedented – on some days last spring, NT theatregoers could choose between Bryony Lavery’s Treasure Island, Tanya Ronder’s Dara and Sam Holcroft’s Rules for Living – but the possibility now of achieving the clean-sweep in two formations is a further advance. And the sense that 2016 may be a landmark year for dramatic balance is tangible not only at the National.


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