(Gots’s interview appeared on Think Again, 1/15.)

I’ve written hit plays. I know what a hit feels like. It doesn’t significantly change your life. You still have to start again and try and write the next one. – David Hare

Think Again is a spontaneous, braineous variety show in which the world's brightest minds grapple with surprise topics.

In this week's episode, celebrated playwright Sir David Hare opines along with host Jason Gots, on art, nuclear weapons, and whether it makes sense to bring kids into this messed up world.

Sir David's latest book is The Blue Touch Paper, a poignant, searching memoir about his childhood and his life's work for stage and screen.

LISTEN TO Think Again Podcast ep. 29 – KLEPTOCRACY/A THIN SKIN – (feat. playwright/screenwriter Sir David Hare):


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