You should try to catch the films of Douglas Sirk at Lincoln Center – festival still on. Some are well known and still widely available, and others like Hitler’s Madman that we saw are so rare that the projectionist had to give a little speech saying, “This is maybe one of two copies left and it’s not in good condition. I’ve been working with it all morning and did what I could with it.” John Carradine plays the “butcher of Prague,” who is so sophisticated as a sadistic Nazi, he reminded us of Christopher Waltz in Inglorious Besterds. Sirk shows Nazis arresting a true Nazi for so called incompetence, who goes out the door swearing his allegiance to Hitler. The raising of Lidice, had Bill commenting about the Nazis, “I didn’t know people could be so crazy.” There’s even a discussion of gun control, showing how modern this movie still is – a villager says about resistance, “They have machine guns and we only have the old hunting rifles they let us keep.” Trailer here.

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