(Michael Calia’s interview appeared in the Wall Street Journal, 12/7; via Pam Green.)

Marion Cotillard always knew she would end up playing Lady Macbeth, but she never thought it would be in a movie — or in English. She stars in the latest film version of the Scottish Play, which expands to wide release in the U.S. later this week after premiering in several other markets.

“I had read Shakespeare, but in French, and I had seen Shakespeare onstage and in French,” the actress told Speakeasy. “So it was the first time I read and actually had to work on a Shakespeare [play] in English.”

Cotillard, who won a Best Actress Oscar for 2008’s “La Vie en Rose” and was nominated for last year’s “Two Days, One Night,” again finds herself in the thick of awards-season chatter for her turn opposite Michael Fassbender’s Macbeth in director Justin Kurzel’s acclaimed adaptation. She is reuniting with Fassbender and Kurzel on an unlikely follow-up, too: next year’s videogame adaptation “Assassin Creed.” (She’s never played the game, by the way.)


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