The stage coach with six horses races across a snowy mountain landscape trying to beat the blizzard.  Kurt Russell, as a hangman bounty hunter, is bringing in Jennifer Jason Leigh, a murderess with a humorous raccoon makeup black eye.  They stop to pickup wisecracking bounty hunter Samuel L. Jackson, with three stiffs set for delivery in the not too distant town.  The blizzard forces them to stop en route at Minnie's Haberdashery.  The horses are placed in the stable, and from then on most of the action, or this being a Quentin Tarantino movie, most of the violence takes place in the store.  Minnie is missing and only two hours into the three hour movie is her fate revealed.  Assorted characters grace the elaborate atmospheric cabin, including two Confederate officers, and a British hangman.  Tarantino uses extremely witty dialog for the group to recount Civil War episodes, and they throw around racial slurs of all kinds.  The bang-up shooting may be too much for some viewers, but there is a comic element that keeps the action from going over the top. In actual fact, the violence against people out West was far worse, with huge numbers of women raped, not to mention the wholesale slaughter of the buffalo and thousands of mustangs shot to prevent Indians from mounted attacks. Anyone seeing even the trailer will see an abundance of stage red slopped around, so it is obvious that there is a lot of bloodshed. The plot, at times, resembles Ten Little Indians and there is a moral element in the movie, just like there is to Agatha Christie's tale.  Toward the end there is so much red smeared on the murderess's face that it is hard to see her expressions.  The acting is excellent with a cast of seasoned veterans.  In the era, real cowpokes, and gangs, in the West were very young, many with baby faces that belied their viciousness.  A must-see for Tarantino fans. Patty

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