(From Broadway.com; via Patricia N. Saffran.)

The Obie Award-winning Metropolitan Playhouse offers the first uncut revival of Susan Glaspell's 1931 Pulitzer winning ALISON'S HOUSE since its debut. Directed by Artistic Director Alex Roe at the Playhouse (220 E 4th Street, New York City), the production runs now through December 13, 2015. Opening night is set for tonight, November 20.

On New Year's Eve, 1899, the Stanhope family homestead in Iowa–former home of late and celebrated poet Alison Stanhope–is being emptied for sale. With the move displacing her surviving sister and uprooting generations of memories, someone will risk the house and all within it to keep its secrets from being discovered. But a Chicago reporter and Alison's niece and nephews, bridling at the mores and demands of the Victorian Age, are eager to share her legacy with the world. On the cusp of the new century, whether the life of the poet also part of her work becomes the question of whether one generation must live forever under the restraints of its forbears.There lies the answer to whether a tightly knit family can withstand the rending of an entirely new age.


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