(Alexander Alekseev’s article appeared in Russian Beyond the Headlines, 101/2.)

Folk ensembles from Russia tour around the world with great success. On Oct. 25, the Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia will perform at the Strathmore Arts Center (Maryland). RBTH tells you all you need to know about the group, as well as four other ensembles that have made a name for themselves.

The National Dance Company of Siberia (Mikhail Godenko Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Ensemble of Siberia)

This ensemble was founded by Soviet choreographer Mikhail Godenko in 1960; after his death in 1991, he was succeeded as the artistic director by Igor Moiseyev's grandson Vladimir, a former soloist at the Bolshoi Theater.

The company has toured more than 70 countries and received much acclaim from critics. The ensemble's trademark style is built on imagery, emotion, high artistry, and sometimes most unexpected combinations of elements. For example, a combination of a traditional khorovod (ring dance) and modern dance – and even acrobatics – in one routine.


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