(Dominic Cavendish’s article appeared in the Telegraph, 10/1.)

A new musical every night, cooked up on the spot. That’s the premise, that’s the promise, of Showstopper!, an improvisation troupe who have been gaining ever greater word of mouth and gushing reviews since they launched on the fringe seven years ago and have now arrived in the West End for a three-month run (with the novel help of an online crowd-funding campaign).

I have to confess to dragging myself to the Apollo like a man who has been putting off a trip to the dentist. Despite the recent, applauded stage-revival of Whose Line is It Anyway?, I associate improv comedy with bargain-bucket entertainment from the quick-buck Eighties. The prospect of a 90-minute show conducted on a wing and a prayer sounds to me like a summons to purgatory.

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