At the party last night for Beverly Johnson at the Museum of the City of New York.

I finished the book but couldn’t find anyone else who had to discuss it. I think Beverly was very brave to write what she did about her husbands, and the drug and alcohol problems. Surely this will help some to find a way out. She was way too easy on the modeling and magazine industries. Just one story about Ford? The Fords leaving her behind in Capri was so cruel so there had to have been more. What about the magazine editors standing around and making snide comments? Not in her book. I would also have liked to read more about Beverly’s one movie Ashanti and how it was to work with Michael Caine. She studied with Lee Strasberg and was great in her movie role. At the time she says there were few roles for African American women. Beverly would have been a sensational Bond girl, and she was a natural lighting up the screen so it’s a shame she couldn’t do more acting. – Patty


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