I was involved with two TV camera crews yesterday within five minutes. The first was asking for reactions to Tom Brady being allowed to play and the court saying the commish had no authority to fine. It appeared that the cub reporter knew nothing about the subject but the older cameraman did. I told the reporter that the ruling was absurd and that he should look at Warren Sharp’s blog for the statistics that prove the team was probably cheating since Brady asked for the team to supply its own “deflated” footballs, since their fumble rate was impossible. The camera man started to laugh, and laughed more when I added that Gronk isn’t that good either because he was always catching deflated footballs. Rest assured that NBC won’t air my interview.

One block further a crew was staked out at Steps Dance Studio, waiting for Misty Copeland, who is now quite famous. I was going up to watch the pros anyway so I waited with them. Misty came right along and they started filming. No one was talking to her, so I asked her a few questions. Was she taking Nancy Bielski’s class? Yes, she likes her a lot. And did she ever take David Howard’s classes. Yes, all the time (like many greats). We also discussed On the Town where she’s dancing the lead, and American in Paris, where I thought she should do the lead next. Misty is a charming person, unaffected by her sudden fame. Most impressive.


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