(from the Daily News, 8/16; via Patricia N. Saffran.)

New Yorkers used to complain you couldn't walk through Times Square without running a gauntlet of prostitutes or sex businesses. The modern variant is the growing horde of topless women showing off for, theoretically, donations.

Granted that bare-breasted, body-painted exhibitionists are a far cry from the degradation and danger of yore, they have added end-of-the-line tawdriness to the cheap carnivality that has taken over the world's most famous crossroads.


(from the Daily Mail, 8/16; via Patricia N. Saffran.)

Complaints have been made over the influx of topless women prancing around Times Square and charging tourists to be in photos, deeming it inappropriate and offensive.

The women, who cover their bodies in paint and and typically wear nothing but a thong, are not in trouble for being topless – which is legal in New York City – but for posing with underage children.

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