Dear Friends,

You are invited to the World Premiere of my film OBJECTS, which will screen Tuesday, July 28th at 7:30 at ArtHouse in Jersey City, New Jersey, just steps from the Journal Square stop on the PATH train. Tickets are only $10.

I would describe OBJECTS as a mashup of Grey Gardens, Eraserhead, Space is the Place and Flaming Creatures.

Five years in the making, OBJECTS is my first and undoubtedly last feature film. The list of people who helped make OBJECTS is longer than my arm, but Gertrude Stein must be mentioned first, as she is the biggest draw. She supplied the words, which are taken verbatim and in order from her work of the same name, the first and most popular section of her masterpiece TENDER BUTTONS.

OBJECTS is an Americana opera, through-scored with music by Fist of Kindness, a seven-piece band with Orin Buck on guitarron, Cassandra Victoria Chopourian on baritone ukelele and trumpet, Steven Dworkin on accordion and cello, David Gould on drums, Richard 'Cupcake' Gross on banjo and recorder, myself on guitar, and Matthew Metzgar on percussion and guitar. Almost all of them sing as well. The band wrote the music individually and collectively and there are songs by guest composers John Brian Evans, Jon Fisher, Kyungmi Lee and firehorse the dj as well musical performances by the last two.

Van Reipen Collective performed the gripping drama of love, betrayal, treachery and deceit, and the film would be nothing without the performance, singing and dancing of Sanae Maeda Buck, Deb Disbrow, Lauren Farber, Kyungmi Lee and various members of Fist of Kindness listed above.

Bayard, the world-famous textile artist, makes the whole thing beautiful, as do dual cinematographers Sandra Contreras and Peter Dizozza and award-winning lighting designer Christopher Weston.

This is also my last scheduled public appearances in the Northeast and doubles as my going-away party! As you probably know I am leaving here for good. Good luck to all of you who continue to fight the good fight! Flyer is attached. Please feel free to invite your friends. 

With a lot of love, 



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