(Adam Sullivan)

Khaled Nabawy wrote on his Facebook page: "RIP OMAR SHARIF, good bye to a living legend, good bye to a source of inspiration for generations to come."

The following 7/10 Telegraph article on Sharif, by Victoria Ward, was written after the icon suffered a heart attack in a Cairo hospital . . . the star had Alzheimer's and could mistake the people he met for others . . . interestingly Zhivago dies of a heart attack–after mistaking a woman for his lover Lara . . .        

Omar Sharif, star of Dr Zhivago and one of the world's greatest bridge players, has died aged 83.

His agent Steve Kenis said on Friday: "He suffered a heart attack this afternoon in a hospital in Cairo."

Egyptian-born Sharif, who had Alzheimer’s disease, won international acclaim for his role in David Lean’s 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia.

It was his first English-language film and his turn as Sherif Ali won him two Golden Globes and an Oscar nomination.


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