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(Royal Young’s article appeared in Interview, 6/15; via David Gibbs.)

You know what they say about making it in New York. In Lisa Lewis' new play Schooled, the writer pays homage to this tradition of ambition wielding star-seekers that flock to the city. With a private reading of her sparkling drama at the New Ohio Theatre, starring Tony Award nominee Peter Friedman and a cast of young brilliants including Phoebe Strole, James Kautz, and Mara Davi, it seems the playwright herself has two feet firmly on the ladder of success.

But the scenes here reveal a darker world, where prestige trumps human connection and sexuality is a tool. When a struggling screenwriting student and her wealthy humanitarian boyfriend (who is also dying to break into the movie biz) complete for the same grant bestowed by a prestigious alcoholic professor, boundaries are blurred by booze, breasts, and blind ambition. We spoke with Lewis about the dangers of success, sexuality as a means to an end, why New York brings out the beast in people, and when enough is enough—if it ever is.

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