(David Belcher’s article appeared in The New York Times, 5/10; via Pam Green.)

Elizabeth Wilson, an actress who distinguished herself onstage, on television and in films like “The Graduate” and “9 to 5” in supporting roles that were often meaty but rarely glamorous, died on Saturday in New Haven. She was 94.

Her death was confirmed by Elizabeth Morton, a close friend whom she considered a daughter.

Ms. Wilson knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress, but she was never very interested in being a star.

“In the 1940s,” she told Connecticut magazine in 2012, “I was doing something called the Equity Library Theater in New York, when a movie company came to see the play I was in and offered me a contract. But the deal was, my nose was too big and they wanted me to have surgery. My jaw was crooked, and I’d have to have that fixed, too. And they didn’t like my name; it was too common. I was to change these things, and they’d sign me to a multiyear contract.


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