(Erick Piepenburg’s article appeared in The New York Times, 4/23; via Pam Green.)

Daphna Feygenbaum is brazen, obnoxious and hard to restrain. And that’s just her hair.

In Joshua Harmon’s “Bad Jews,” a dark comedy about a Jewish family in turmoil over a grandfather’s legacy, Daphna is one of four characters. But there’s a fifth: her mane. In the script Mr. Harmon describes Daphna as “ 2/3 body, 1/3 hair,” and devotes a paragraph to the details:

“Thick, intense, curly, frizzy, long brown hair. Hair that clogs a drain after one shower. Hair you find on pillows and in corners of the room and in your refrigerator six months after the head from which it grew last visited. Hair that could not be straightened even if you had four hours and three hairdressers double-fisting blow driers. Hair that screams: Jew.”

The actress Tracee Chimo, who originated the role in 2012, credits her “fro, which is giant” with helping her get the job, which turned into a career lift. She’s now on Broadway in “The Heidi Chronicles.”


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