(Michael Schulman’s article appeared in The New Yorker, 4/28; via Pam Green.)

It’s a bad day to be Harvey Weinstein’s assistant. That is, a particularly bad day. The Pooh-Bah of Oscar campaigning cannonballed into Broadway this year, as the lead producer of “Finding Neverland,” the over-hyped, over-miked musical adaptation of the 2004 movie. A big fish in a little pond, or at least a moderately sized lake, Weinstein seemed poised to sprinkle the Tony Awards race, Tinkerbell-style, with a dose of bombast. Alas, it won’t be. This morning, when Mary-Louise Parker and Bruce Willis announced the 2015 Tony nominations, the words “Finding Neverland” did not pass their lips. I can’t say I’m heartbroken. For starters: Why tell the story of how J. M. Barrie wrote “Peter Pan” with boy-band power ballads? It’s hard to think of one aesthetic choice that the production got right, down to the wallpaper.


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