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In the midst of the increasing chasm of discord and misunderstanding that exists between the Middle East and the West, the 7th CARAVAN Exhibition of Visual Art titled The Bridge will open on April 4 in Cairo, Egypt, after its launch in Paris, France during the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week. Through the founding sponsorship of SODIC from Egypt, and with CARAVAN’s longstanding partner the British Council, The Bridge is an East-West traveling art exhibition organized and curated by CARAVAN, an inter-religious and intercultural peace-building NGO. It showcases the work of 47 premier and emerging contemporary visual artists from different faith and cultural backgrounds. As a multi-religious group, the artists are making the case for using that which we have in common as the foundation for the future of our world.

The Bridge will open in Cairo, Egypt on April 4, 2015 at 6 PM at SODIC’s Westown Hub with special guest Khaled El Nabawy, the award-winning Egyptian actor (Fair Game, Kingdom of Heaven, The Citizen, The Emigrant) and be on exhibit for a month. Then the exhibition will travel throughout Europe and the United States, and will be held in a variety of venues (cathedrals, museums, galleries, interfaith centers, etc) before closing in 2016.

As the exhibition travels, it takes with it a fundamental message of intercultural and interreligious harmony and provides a link not only within communities but also between communities. The Bridge serves as a common starting point on which to build, toward seeing the development of a world that inherently respects and honors cultural and religious diversity, living and working together in harmony. The Bridge exhibition involves a diverse range of visual artists. Participating artists include women and men, from premier contemporary artists to emerging younger artists, from different religious backgrounds and 15 countries. Each artist has submitted one original work (done specifically for the exhibition) addressing the theme “The Bridge,” focusing on what they hold in common through their cultures and creeds, illustrating their ideas of how to build bridges between us all. The Bridge exhibition in Cairo is co-curated by CARAVAN Founder/Pre sident, Rev. PaulGordon Chandler and noted artist, Dr. Reda Abdel Rahman. 

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Building bridges through the Arts, between East and West, and   their creeds and cultures


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