(Hedy Weiss’s article appeared in the Chicago Sun-Time, 2/15.)

She arrives, as we might expect, in an airy layer cake of a gown — tiers of pink chiffon embellished with flowers — and a hairdo so tall it necessitates, as she later tells us, the raising of the ceiling in the royal coach.

She is accompanied by her two ladies in waiting, decked out in only slightly less fantastic dresses that are in much the same pastel colors as the macaroons to be nibbled with tea. And as the women promenade around the glass runway at the center of this salon in the Palace of Versailles — a room in which a cloud of giant pink flowers is suspended overhead — you can very quickly sense the boredom, indolence, volatility and feeling of entrapment in the young French queen with deep Austrian roots who is at the center of David Adjmi’s imaginative and oddly touching play “Marie Antoinette.” You also can hear just the right amount of  Valley Girl inflection in her speech.


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