[A friend from Egypt tells Stage Voices about actor Khaled El Nabawy and Investing in Egypt (March 13-15); E. Nina Rothe’s article is from the Huffington Post, 11/20/12.]

The first thing one notices when introduced to the great Egyptian movie star Khaled El Nabawy, is his golden, flawless skin. It's as if this man glows, magically, from the inside out. His light amber complexion then sensually reveals his intense, glistening dark eyes and perfectly chiseled bone structure. But beyond his magnetic good looks, Nabawy is also wonderfully warm and insightfully smart, which is just the best combination to make him the ideal interview. And the perfect spokesperson for Egypt to the world.


These days, Nabawy's native country is experiencing a transition. That's the understatement of the year, of course! But what I mean is that aside from the headlines, the media frenzy over rumors and misdirected information (like the headline that Islamists plan to destroy the Pyramids, a pretty impossible task) Egyptians are finally finding their collective voice, then using the streets — and the square, Tahrir Square — to express their god-given right to use it. But don't be confused by the news, there is one main thing that Egyptians want today, mentioned over and over again in film after film, protest after protest and blog after blog: their constitution. Nabawy confirms this over Twitter and Facebook with updates like this one, from October 29: "We have the right to protest don't u in Hyde Park don't u in France and still we visit u. Come to Egypt don't listen to the media." In fact, Nabawy's mantra, since his now famous, touching speech at the Cinema for Peace gala in Berlin in 2011, is "Come to Egypt". Simple, from the heart and so very to the point.

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