(Sue Reid’s article appeared in the Daily Mail, 1/14; via Patricia N. Saffran.)

A few days ago an explosive new West End play opened about Princess Diana who died, of course, with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed after a mysterious Paris car crash on a hot August night in 1997.

Truth, Lies, Diana will stoke controversy not least because it suggests James Hewitt, her lover during her marriage to Prince Charles, is Prince Harry’s father.

Nicknamed the Cad, Hewitt denies ever claiming this, though the former Army officer helped the play’s author Jon Conway by meeting him to discuss his memories of Diana.

The play draws heavily on a new book How They Murdered Princess Diana by John Morgan, who forensically examined 7,000 pages of inquest documents, police statements, and medical reports about her death aged 36.

I have also investigated the events that led up to the crash and what happened afterwards. I have spoken to eyewitnesses, British and French police, MI6 officers based in Paris that night, friends of Diana and Dodi, and hospital medics in the French capital who tried to save her life.

Despite the official line that the crash was a terrible accident, many are still convinced she was killed because of the unsuitability of her lover Dodi, who was a Muslim, and that — even more contentiously — she was pregnant with his baby.

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