#YESMEANSYES by Carol S. Lashof 


(Center stage, two adjacent empty chairs face the audience.

Two additional chairs are positioned on either side of the

stage, directly opposite and facing one another; behind

these chairs, a WOMAN and a MAN stand facing each

other. Note: the tone of the play proceeds from tentative to

passionate—which is not to be confused with either

frightened, on the one hand, or threatening, on the other.)






Yes … ?


(MAN steps out from behind his chair.)



… Yes.


(MAN takes a small step towards WOMAN. WOMAN

steps out from behind her chair.)





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(‘#YESMEANSYES’ copyright by Carol S. Lashof.  All rights reserved. Do not use without permission. For rights and information, contact the author at: clashof@gmail.com )

Carol S. Lashof is a playwright, librettist, and educator.  Her work has been broadcast on BET (Gap, dir. Ryan Coogler) and NPR (The Story, dir. Martin Esslin) and has been staged on five continents from Manhattan, New York to Mandurah, Australia.  As a lyricist and librettist, Lashof collaborates with British composer James McCarthy; their work has been commissioned by the Crouch End Festival Chorus and the Scottish National Opera.  Her numerous publications include Medusa’s Tale in Plays in One Act and What Color is Your Mama? in Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry.  Lashof has taught playwriting and literature courses at the University of California, Santa Barbara; Stanford University; and Saint Mary’s College of California.

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For rights and information about all other plays, contact the author at clashof@gmail.com

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