(Bruni’s article appeared in The New York Times, 10/21; Playwright Frank Gagliano wrote the introductory note.)

Besides being a first rate columnist (and, of course, I agree with the theme of his piece — see below), Frank Bruni's a natural lyricist. His closing paragraph,"It’s a vendor’s world. We’re just pawns in it, even when all we want to do is hum a simple tune," can be, with simple adjustment, part of a song. In fact, I've noted, "IT'S A VENDOR'S WORLD" into my lyric jotting notebook, as a possible song title. The line, "For every stage, a different sponsor. Behind every beat, a different brand," also sings. Yes, Mr. Bruni, I can hear your Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht-like song, where the melody soars/while the lyric roars. 

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Onstage before thousands of fans, Sam Smith sang “Stay With Me,” beseeching his partner in a one-night stand for a few minutes more, and I half wondered if the two of them needed the extra time to finish bottles of Miller Lite, because a printed plug for the beer hovered over his head.

Performing “Summertime Sadness,” Lana Del Rey told a lover to “kiss me hard before you go.” Would she be texting him later with a Samsung Galaxy, the smartphone for which the stage on which she appeared was visibly named?

And while I’d never thought about any car in connection with the musicians in the band Interpol, I came to picture them caroming from gig to gig in a Civic or an Accord. “Honda” floated over them as they gave their concert.

For every stage, a different sponsor. Behind every beat, a different brand.


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