(from Svetlana Mazurova, Rossiyskaya Gazeta/Russia Beyond the Headlines 9/26.)

The Alexandrinsky Theater will debut its New Stage at the start of the fall season with a production of Telluria, based on Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin's novel about the new Middle Ages. The New Stage comprises three areas and a foyer (and it is involved in a variety of activities), and will serve as a venue not only for theatrical performances, but also concerts, educational programs, and student displays as part of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater Workshop. This space will be aimed at searching for a new language, forming a new audience, and experimentation for bold young talents.

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines – http://rbth.com/arts/2014/09/26/st_petersburgs_alexandrinsky_theater_opens_new_stage_with_production_of_40131.html)

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