(Chris Jones’s review appeared in the Chicago Tribune, 9/9.)

At one point in "Since I Suppose," the new theater piece from the remarkable Australian company, One Step at a Time Like This, you find yourself alone in Daley Plaza, most likely in the middle of a workday. Look around, says the voice in your ear. Be aware of all the seats of power surrounding you. And so look you do

You are standing outside a courthouse. A great church, the one they call the Chicago Temple, is in direct view — you were just inside, watching a few pious politicians. City Hall is right across the street — in fact, you were just inside there, too, having been led there by a nun on a little screen you carry along in your hand, a nun who wishes to make a petition to someone who runs the city, someone not unlike Mayor Rahm Emanuel or Mayor Richard J. Daley, who once dispensed favors from his fifth-floor office by writing them down on little scraps of paper.


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