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Beijing Dance Theater: Hamlet Description

Together with East Shanghai Broadway Theatre Management Co, Ltd., Beijing Dance Theater will present their brand-new work Hamlet, created by choreographer Wang Yuanyuan, on the occasion of their 5th anniversary. It is based on Shakespeare’s best known tragedy Hamlet and film director Feng Xiaogang’s 2006 movie The Banquet. Taking the intersection of the oriental and the occidental culture as the starting point, Beijing Dance Theater embraces contemporary art and sets out to establish the new stage aesthetics they’ve been pursuing.

The story is set in a non-specific period of time, and through the main characters of Shakespear’s canon – the ghost, the new king, the queen, the prince and the young lady who is the prince’s love interest – it rebuilds a story about life, death and love. The ghost of the late king lingers among the living souls; the prince takes revenge for the ghost and ends up losing both his love and his life; the new king, the queen and the chancellors make transactions with their bodies and souls under the temptation of evilness as well as their struggles within themselves. It is an epic tragedy, and the stage presentation will bring the art of contemporary dance theater to a new height through the ultimate beauty it creates. 


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