(Charles Isherwood’s article appeared in The New York Times, 9/11; the above monologue is not from 'All the Faces of the Moon.')

The waxing and waning of the moon affects the tides, as we all know, but lunar changes will have little effect on the prodigious flow of words pouring forth from the writer and performer Mike Daisey this month. Every evening, Mr. Daisey is sitting himself down in front of a table on the stage of Joe’s Pub to perform a brand-new monologue. Night after night — for 29 nights through Oct. 3 and a projected 44 hours — Mr. Daisey is making like a modern-day Scheherazade, telling stories of his life and the life of New York City, ranting and railing at any number of contemporary scourges along the way, in an epic series of performances he’s collectively calling “All the Faces of the Moon.”


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